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Athlete Design Collection

All items in this collections were designed by Special Olympics athletes. Shop the complete Athlete Design Collection here.

Haley Waggoner

Haley Waggoner

The Future Is Inclusive

Haley is an athlete from Special Olympics Nebraska. Aside of being creative she loves to bake and enjoys playing tennis!

When Haley was designing the tee shirt, she thought that in our world right now we all need to remind ourselves that today, tomorrow and Future is inclusive!

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Greer Leggat

Greer Leggat

Everyone is Special

Greer enjoys creating new merchandise for her business. She spreads joy and kindness through her inspirational messages. She is so proud when she sees people in her “Magic by Greer” items!

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Aarushi Pratap

Aarushi Pratap

Inclusion is Fashionable

Aarushi Pratap is a Special Olympics Florida Athlete who competes in a diverse range of sports, including SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding), Swimming, and Golf. Beyond her athletic pursuits, Aarushi is a talented autistic fashion designer and artist.

Special Olympics holds a special place in Aarushi's heart, having played a significant role in shaping her life. Through her involvement with Special Olympics, she has not only honed her sporting skills but also found a strong sense of belonging. Aarushi's journey within the organization has provided her with invaluable opportunities such as designing the logo for the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games and helped her make lifelong friends.

Aarushi's creative talents extend into her role as a fashion designer and her brand’s mission (www.aarushipratap.com) is centered on ‘Fashion for Everyone.’ Embracing Diversity and Body Positivity, and fostering Inclusivity, Empowerment and Self-Expression is at the core of Aarushi’s design philosophy. Her inspiration for this Special Olympics T-Shirt draws from the sports she competes in and the meaningful friendships she has forged through her Special Olympics experience. In her design, Aarushi integrates elements from an ancient Indian folk-art form known as 'Worli,' which manifests in the stick-like figures featured in her artwork.

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Mariah Gilbert

Mariah Gilbert


I come up with the design by Special Olympics has so many athletes with different challenges and amazing abilities that i wanted to use the colored ribbons to represent us all.

I do a wide variety of sports. Volleyball, bowling. snowboarding, swimming, soccer and softball.

I am in the Northeast Area of Washington and my team is the West Plains Eagles.

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Clover High School Class, SC- Let Me Be Brave

Buy The Let Me Be Brave Design Here

Logan Kale

On Special Olympics: I like basketball and flag football at Clover High School! I like basketball because I am really good at it. I like football because it is a cool sport and I get to play on the Unified team with my friend E-money.

Hobbies: I like to rap and write songs. I play video games on my Game Cube and take walks.

Karalynn Ervin

On Special Olympics: My favorite Special Olympics sports are flag football and cheerleading. I like flag football because I get to play with my friend Kara, Allison, Heath and Taylor! I like cheerleading because we won a gold medal!

Hobbies: I like to take walks with my dog, Remy and take pictures of things in mature that we see.

Frankie Jimenez

On Special Olympics: My favorite Special Olympics sport is Unified bocce. I like throwing the ball and getting points. I won a Gold Medal at the State Fall Games. I love competing with my partner, Carmen at Clover High School!

Hobbies: I love Legos! I can build anything! I just finished the Lego Titanic; it was over 9,000 pieces.

Kenny Clifford

On Special Olympics: My favorite Special Olympics sport is bowling. I like it the best because it is relaxing and fun!

Hobbies: I like Anime, Manga, video games. Funny videos, movies, music and tv shows.

Haylee Nicholson

On Special Olympics: I like volleyball, basketball, and equestrian. I like volleyball because I like to play with my team at Clover High School. I like basketball because I like to shoot the ball! I love equestrian because I love to compare and win Gold! My horse’s name is Piper.

Hobbies: I like to listen to music, hang out with my friends, and go shopping! I also love riding my horses!

Mason Hamilton

On Special Olympics: My favorite Special Olympics sports are basketball and volleyball because I am really good at them! I like to spike and serve in volleyball. I like to shoot the ball in basketball. I like to play the sports with my friends!

Hobbies: I like to play basketball, video games, and hanging out at the mall with my family.

Allison Wodecki

On Special Olympics: My favorite Special Olympics sport is soccer because I support my teammates on the team!

Hobbies: I like to ride horses at RideAbility, play sports, cheer for Clemson and tell jokes!